Event Marketing

Event marketing is considered to be more critical in achieving business outcomes than videos, blogs, social media posts and email marketing combined these days. Of the many potential benefits offered by events, some of the main reasons marketers favor this strategy are: 

  1. Sales
  2. Growing leads and your database
  3. Increasing brand awareness
  4. Building brand affinity
  5. Establishing and growing relationships
  6. Thought leadership and credibility

However ..

Nearly 60% of marketers agree that their biggest event challenge is getting people to respond to invites. And with 98% of consumers creating and sharing digital or social content at these events, they’ve become a very critical component to meeting and surpassing company goals. 

Event Marketing With SFBPN

With over 15,000 local black professionals in our database and an established presence on all popular social media platforms, we boast direct access to the widest range of educated and affluent black professionals in the region.

A respected and recognized professional organization with high visibility and credibility since 2011, our Network also includes many of the area’s African-American and Caribbean businesses and associations.

The size and influence of our members and followers according to global marketing research firm Nielson, is “growing faster than non-Hispanic whites across all income segments above $60,000” and they’re currently “enjoying a remarkable period of influence, cultural expression and entrepreneurship.”

“Their choices have “a ‘cool factor’ that has created a halo effect, influencing not just consumers of color but the mainstream as well” Nielson goes on to say, and “in some markets they represent more than 50% of the overall spending in key product categories.”

“Because black consumer brand loyalty is contingent upon a brand’s perception as authentic, culturally relevant, socially conscious and responsible” selecting our Network to market products, services or events through is a very smart move for progressive and competitive businesses.

SFBPN Events

Our exclusive afterhour gatherings are a great platform for personally educating, inspiring and engaging a captive group of professionals primed with cocktails, appetizers and networking. 

Hosted in various upscale venues around town, they provide the ideal opportunity for delivering innovative and memorable experiences that result in relationships, revenue and referrals. 

Businesses looking to develop relationships with higher caliber, long term advocates and ambassadors will find them great for growing the emotional connection that endears their company to our community and increases the odds of buy-in.

Coupled with an online marketing promotion that combines our extensive email and social media resources, each and every event and business is guaranteed to receive maximum buzz and exposure before, during and after.

Our Marketing Platforms

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Meetup
  • On Site / Event Marketing

Since August of 2011 we’ve attracted thousands by featuring such personalities as Civil rights legend Bob Moses, Screen actor Lamman Rucker, FUBU co-founder J. Alexander Martin, the 1st African-American president of the Florida Bar, Eugene Pettis, the National Black Chamber of Commerce and several local personalities.

Our Value Equation





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  • Your Business
  • Your Budget
  • Your Plan

(+) Plus

  • Our Professionals
  • Our Proposals
  • Our Endorsement & Promotion

(=) Equals

  • Your Clients
  • Your Referrals
  • Your Survey Data