How We Can Empower Ourselves and Start Making History through SPaSMs (Smart Phones and Social Media)

We’ve all heard a lot of negative things about Social Media .. right?

Well what if I told you our smart-phones and social media actually provide opportunities for us and our families to get together rather than to separate .. and that those of us who don’t take advantage of those opportunities will continue to lose our children and fall behind?

I expounded briefly upon those statements at the Palm Beach County School District Office of Diversity in Business Practices Black History event Feb. 7. Take 10 minutes and listen to how you and your family can become empowered in the internet age!

“I appreciate celebrating Black History as much as anybody else, however for me I think it’s time our generation start being about Making Black History, and I see SPaSMs as a way for us to make that happen like never before.”

“If we plan on catching up, we must start thinking ahead! That’s how we’re going to leave legacies in the internet age.”