Yes, Smartphones Are Destroying a Generation, But Not of Kids

Why parents need to embrace our role as digital mentors: offering kids and teens ongoing support and guidance in how to use the internet appropriately.

“I know, we all really enjoy reading articles about how it’s those evil smartphones that are destroying our children’s brains and souls. It lets us justify locking their devices up with parental monitoring tools, or cutting off their mobile plan when they fail to make the grade.

Fellow parents, it’s time for us to consider another possible explanation for why our kids are increasingly disengaged. It’s because we’ve disengaged ourselves; we’re too busy looking down at our screens to look up at our kids.”

For those of us who’ll never read the entire article quoted above, I’ve copied the subtitle and a few paragraphs to help sum it up.

It’s premise is .. if your kids are distracted and disengaged by smartphones and social media, it really isn’t their fault. It’s because they’re not being properly mentored on how to use these powerful tools.

They’ve been given a ferrari but they haven’t been taught how to drive. So they love playing the radio and looking good but they’re not going anywhere. Then they’re being blamed when things go wrong and that’s given it all the press.

While at the same time, those kids who’ve been taught how to drive and are going places are getting hardly any publicity .. and it’s no wonder. The press is threatened by the potential that social media poses.

Giving “the people” the ability to compete for the benefits that come along with their industry is like shooting themselves in the foot. So here on Social Media let me tell you something you may not know.

There are black teenagers and families who have learned how to use their smartphones and social media productively and they are making money from it. And although we are behind the curve as usual, we are represented.

We’re not just blowing up as entertainers on YouTube either. We have famous black podcasters (internet radio shows) and bloggers (internet magazines) also who have learned how to drive these new tools.

It’s not just the young folk who are making money on social media either. It’s the babies, the kids and the families too. Most likely when your kids are glued to their phone they’re watching some of them.

Check out these links: MazeleeJamie and NikkiThe Prince Family. Smartphones and social media are the future and we’re demonizing them because we haven’t been taught how to use these powerful tools ourselves.

For those of us who are ready to start using these resources productively .. I’m inviting you to join me as I present the Making Money with Smartphones and Social Media WorkshopMay 25th at the Opa-locka Tech Hire Center.

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The Making Money with Smartphones and Social Media Workshop is a 3 part series focusing on the lucrative Social Media Influencer business. It’s goal is to ensure minority teenagers and young parents are a part of the boom.

May 25thwill consist of an introduction to the Social Media Influencer business. Attendees will receive a basic education on what social media really is and how it can be used to make money.

I’ll introduce attendees to the terms vlogging, podcasting and blogging and take a look at some Influencers who have been successful building very large followings on each. I’ll also cover the risks and benefits of social media and see how successful Influencers are navigating the opportunity.

June 1stwill consist of Workshop Part 1 which will be dedicated to defining, discovering and establishing each attendee’s Personal Brand which is the foundation of an Influencer’s success.

June 15th will consist of Workshop Part 2 which will be focused upon the launch and building of each attendee’s Personal Brand. I’ll conclude by discussing Brand growth, marketing and protection.

Allow me to leave everyone with a few quotes to help illuminate the future of smartphones and social media.

“Ten years ago no one suspected the impact that social media would have today and you could say we are underestimating its impact for the next ten years. “

“Social media has provided a platform for people to showcase their skills and turned them into celebrities, thought-leaders, authorities and influencers.”

“Smartphones have made us all creative directors of our own media empires.”

“We will look back on this era as a ‘land-grab’ period where savvy individuals worked hard to build their influence and become their own media companies.”

“As TV ratings continue to fall and children spend more time online, advertisers are spending more money to reach them there.”

“The fact that brands are using actual children as influencers is a very clear sign that they’re targeting children they know are on these platforms.”

“The social media age .. has turned pranksters, fashionistas, and personalities into internet celebrities.”

I hope you’ll join me! Please Register Here